Abbey Logistics renews contract with British Sugar

Abbey Logistics has renewed its long-term partnership with British Sugar, by extending its contract across the UK with a new multi-year agreement.

The logistics company began working with British Sugar to provide bulk sugar transport in 2016, and since then, the two companies have adopted a “one team” approach, with Abbey becoming an extension of British Sugar’s logistics team.

British Sugar produces sugar for the food and beverage markets across the UK, processing around eight million tonnes of sugar beet which produces around 1.4 million tonnes of sugar each year.

Together the two companies have “successfully” delivered several high-profile projects which focused on customer service, management information, reducing cost per tonne, safety and a significant reduction in empty miles.

As a result of the collaboration, British Sugar said it improved its ability to provide sugar to customers across the UK in a much more “reliable, cost-effective and flexible” way.

In addition to improved customer service, Abbey said its environmental impact of the operation has been reduced through improved and more dynamic real-time planning.

Through significant fleet investment in newer more efficient vehicles and trailers, and closer collaboration with customers it has helped optimise service times for customers.

British Sugar’s position of supplying the UK market without the need to import through deep sea shipping has proved to be more effective for many UK manufacturers. The shorter lead times and reduced carbon footprint that comes from sourcing raw materials from within the UK has helped the company economically.

Stewart Dickson, logistics contracts manager at British Sugar, said: “We knew from previous hauliers that the KPIs we set Abbey Logistics were challenging, but we also knew that by adopting the right approach and working closely with us, they were achievable.

“Our business is unique and never predictable and for Abbey to succeed they needed to work alongside us to understand our customer profile and the characteristics of our sector.”

She added: “We’re delighted that they did just that. From day one their contract team began building relationships with my team, and spending time to understand as much as they could about our business.

“It certainly paid off as their delivery on time performance demonstrates, and on top of that we have seen multiple projects and initiatives that ultimately makes British Sugar more competitive and able to provide a better service to our customers.”

Abbey Logistics deliveries more than 350 bulk tankers per week.

Mike Ellis, business development director at Abbey Logistics, said: “Abbey’s contract team together with British Sugar’s logistics team have worked shoulder to shoulder over the past four years and delivered every objective we set out to achieve.

“The success of the two teams working together demonstrates the importance of a collaborative approach to transport operations of this scale and proves how effective working in partnership can be in delivering on objectives and providing the best possible service to customers.”

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