Enviro-Cleans gives Meredes-Benz Trucks Arcos ‘green light’

Enviro-Cleans Scotland has given Mercedes-Benz Arcos’ latest truck the “green light” to hit the road.

The eight-wheeled sewer-cleaning vehicle is reducing both water and diesel consumption, is equipped to save up to 15 million litres of clean drinking water every year, and capable of doing the job of two or more trucks.

Scotland-based Enviro-Clean has been providing waste management and cleaning services for domestic, commercial and industrial customers across Scotland and northern England for over 20 years.

Mark Donaghy, Enviro-Clean’s operations manager, said: “Fuel consumption is difficult to measure in a meaningful way for a truck like this, as the engine’s PTO (power take-off) also runs the auxiliary equipment. However, the powertrain of this Arocs makes it one of the most efficient vehicles we’ve ever had.

“The steered back axle helps the driver to get in and out of tight spots, and means the truck can access locations at which a standard 8×4 would struggle. The Arocs is also very driver-friendly, with a comfortable and well-designed StreamSpace cab.”

He added: “Assuming full usage it’s estimated that this could save up to 15m litres of water per year, and eliminate the carbon footprint of the industrial process that would be needed to replace that loss.

“Given that its capacity and power allows the Arocs to do the work of two or more vehicles, the potential for reducing the impact of our operations on the environment is considerable.”

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