Logistics UK responds to Kent HGV parking ban scheme

Logistics UK has criticised the government’s decision to ban lorry drivers from taking all rest periods, other than a 45 minute break, in seven Kent boroughs temporarily.

The move was done in order to combat overnight lorry parking in lay-bys across the county, which have resulted in motorway hard shoulders and slip roads used as unofficial parks.

Heidi Skinner, policy manager for the South at Logistics UK, said: “Logistics UK is very frustrated the Department for Transport (DfT) and Kent Country Council (KCC) have failed to consider the welfare of lorry drivers in this decision.

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“Access to places to rest is of paramount importance to the workers responsible for keeping goods moving across the UK and further afield; it is also required to meet their legally required rest periods under the drivers’ hours regulation.”

She added: “Giving only 12 working days’ notice – the ban is enforceable by £150 fine from 1 January 2021 – is also unacceptable.

“The ban is applicable to all lorry drivers – those traveling nationally and internationally – and almost all lorry parks in the surrounding area are at critical levels of utilisation. DfT and KCC have not provided any solution to the lack of space; we are urging them to withdraw the upcoming ban immediately.”

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