Brexit software delay could harm transport firms

Software developers are now warning that necessary post-Brexit freight material will not be ready for the 1 January. 

According to the BBC, The Association of Freight Software Suppliers (AFSS) said its members could not guarantee on time delivery because officials failed to provide details for the project.

The software was originally designed to help transport and logistic companies submit their paperwork digitally which is essential for relevant taxes to be calculated.

Kevin Green, marketing director at Logistics UK told the outlet: “The idea is to minimise the time the vehicles, which currently move seamlessly across the border, would need to be stationary while checks are made on the goods inside them.

“Having to do so would add delays which add time and cost to the journey and has to be paid for by someone, the logistics firms would not be able to absorb significant additional costs.”

The government insisted the development was still “on track” for 1 January, however it is reported that a delay could also halt efforts to get products reaching shop shelves and may also push up prices.

It follows a warning by Logistics UK of the potential economic impact which a no deal Brexit could have on the fortunes of UK PLC. 

At the time David Wells CEO stated that because of a no deal Brexit, UK logistics operators will be “restricted by the number of lorry access permits available to enter the EU.” 

He stated: “The permit quota available to UK operators will fall short by a factor of four, putting businesses at risk right across the country.  

“We are urging the government to keep pressing for a deal with Brussels, to protect not only our industry but the economy as a whole.”

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