CEVA Logistics wins five year contract with Mölnlycke

CEVA Logistics has signed a five year contract with Swedish headquartered medical products and solutions company Mölnlycke. With products being managed and consolidated at Max Park in Corby. 

As part of the deal, 5,000m2 of warehouse space will be dedicated to Mölnlycke, and CEVA Logistics will receive all products manufactured or sourced from Asia and Europe. Now more than 9,000 pallets of stock will be held, picked and packed for onward distribution in the UK.

In addition, new racking, shelving and a clean-room have been installed within the CEVA facility to “enable dust-free packaging of products”.

A new healthcare validated WMS (warehouse management system) and quality accreditation for the handling of medical devices are also to be implemented within the facility at Max Park.

Sam Goodger, general manager at CEVA Logistics’, said: “We have been able to demonstrate a clear understanding of Mölnlycke’s business and designed a cost-effective solution over the long-term which shows our commitment to continuous improvement.

“We are delighted to have been trusted with their business in the UK and believe that together we can enable Mölnlycke to be even more responsive to their customer requirements”.

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