DHL expect 50% volume increase during peak season

DHL has announced it is expecting a roughly 50% increase in its volume growth in the upcoming months, attributed to globalisation and digitalisation “driving e-commerce to new heights”.

The logistics company said it has already experienced around 35% growth in e-commerce volume in 2020.

DHL Express is reportedly hiring more than 10,000 new staff and will significantly increase its operational capacities by roughly €1bn (£906m) to make way for the oncoming rush.

To manage the “high demands” of e-commerce shipping, as well as the “highly important” protective and medical goods, the company has added an additional number of cargo flights. Six additional aircrafts will enable the company to carry out more than 3,000 intercontinental flights per year.

The upcoming peak seasons will predominantly apply to the popular shopping days such as ‘Black Friday’,‘Cyber Monday’ and as well as to the entire Christmas shopping season.

John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express said: “It is our mission to enable global trade and support our customers during the most important days for their business. We make sure that goods are delivered as fast as possible – and Christmas gifts are being delivered to households all over the globe in time.

“We are proud of the strong commitment of our employees and couriers who are out there to fulfil our mission of connecting people and improving their lives. In times when the coronavirus hits both economy and private lives, their efforts are outstanding.”


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