Government rejects claims EU exports have fallen by 68%

It comes as part of a full response to the RHA who last week penned a letter to Chancellor Micheal Gove

The UK government has rejected claims by the Road Haulage Association (RHA) which suggest that exports going through British ports to the EU fell by 68% last month. 

In a statement published by the cabinet office on Monday 8 February, UK officials stated that they “do not recognise” the figure which was published by the RHA last week. 

It comes as part of a full response to the association who last week penned a letter to Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Micheal Gove suggesting that the new guidance UK and Irish officials issued last week to help ease pressure on ‘groupage’ movements is “unclear and not fit for purpose”.

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In the letter, Richard Burnet RHA chief executive went on to state that the “new model has not been stress-tested” and does not consider the “impact on suppliers having to develop bespoke processes within their own businesses.”

The government has since responded noting that they have “made extensive preparations for a wide range of scenarios at the border.”

The statement read: “We are committed to ensuring that businesses get the support they need to trade effectively with Europe and seize new opportunities as we strike trade deals with the world’s fastest growing markets.

“That is why we will continue to work constructively with the Road Haulage Association and other business representative organisations, including through the weekly Brexit Business Taskforce, to get them the tailored support to tackle any outstanding issues.

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