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DHL Express delivers over 50 vaccine batches across Europe

DHL Express, the worldwide express service provider, has reportedly operated over 50 flights carrying vaccine shipments throughout Europe since Christmas.

Accessing ten countries across the continent via its hub and gateway network, the firm is now distributing additional batches of vaccines to Italy, Lithuania, Norway, and Romania.

By operating through its Deutsche Post DHL Group arm, the firm can deliver vaccine batches to every European location within a 24 period.

Alberto Nobis, CEO at DHL Express, said that “even in times of global crisis”, it is in the company’s “DNA to deliver”.

He added: “Our Express network has already proven its strong resilience during the first weeks of the pandemic. While almost all nations went into lockdowns, none of our operations had stopped.

“With international express deliveries of Covid-19 vaccines we are supporting numerous governments in their fight against the pandemic. In Europe our strong presence allows us to move medical goods from country to country within up to 24 hours.”

Elsewhere, DHL Express has served vaccine batches to Bahrain, Chile, Costa Rica, Israel, Mexico, Oman, and Singapore.

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