Logistics and delivery jobs on rise, survey reveals

Logistics and delivery employers are currently increasing their searches for  new talent. 

A study conducted by hiring board Monster has shown that since September over 40,000 open vacancies have been posted requiring employees for warehousing, logistics and delivery roles. 

Recruiters are reportedly experiencing a shortage of “experienced and qualified workers”, currently over half of vacancies are for entry-level type positions under £20k. 

The research revealed that while “recovery in the economy as a whole is slow”, vacancies for these occupations is already back at “pre-lockdown levels”, with demand at all salaries and experience levels increasing. 

Monster said: “Over half of vacancies are for entry-level type positions, under £20k. These can’t be filled by hiring people already working in the sector. 

“Companies need to attract new workers and workers from other industries.”

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