Logistics UK urges businesses to get Brexit ready

Logistics UK has called on businesses in the sector  to “get ready for 1 January”, in response to comments Lord Agnew made on 13 October questioning the trade industries’ preparation for Brexit. 

According to the Financial Times in his address to the Treasury Committee the minister of state said that businesses need to be “more energetic” in their preparation to leave the EU. 

Agnew added that “ultimately, the government can only do so much, if businesses haven’t engaged in the process and understood the processes from 1 January, that has to be their responsibility.”

It comes as Britain is set to officially leave the EU in just under 80 days, Elizabeth de Jong, policy director at Logistics said: “Rather than ignoring the UK’s upcoming departure from the EU, Logistics UK has been proactively urging its members to make sure that they and their customers prepare as much as possible for the new trading conditions we will face. 

“Like the government we are also calling on the wider business community and the importers and exporters across the UK to engage with the details and get ready for January 1st.” 

She added: “Instead of spending the next 11 weeks before the end of the transition period debating who and what is or isn’t ready, Logistics UK is proactively working with government on a series of metrics to assess readiness, so that government and industry can be as confident as possible that all is on track for a smooth transition to a new trading arrangement with the EU.

“Despite the challenges our members are facing to cope with the COVID19 pandemic and the festive season, traditionally our busiest time of year, we stand ready to help keep Britain trading as we always do.” 

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