Logistics UK ‘welcome’ gov’s end to LST trial

Logistics UK has issued a response to the government’s announcement to the end of the longer semi-trailers consultation (LSTs) stating that the information is “welcome news for the logistics sector..

The trial, which started in 2012, was testing the theory that the use of LSTs could lead to journey reductions, which in turn would lead to a reduction in transport, congestion and emissions. 

Now the government has announced that although it planned to run until 2027, they believe the trial has “reached a point” where continuing is unlikely to provide useful results and that remaining issues, relating to the safety, can only be answered “outside of trial settings.”

Phil Lloyd, head of engineering policy at Logistics UK, said: “Today’s announcement by the government of a consultation on the use of LSTs on the UK’s roads is welcome news for the logistics sector, which is committed to reducing its environmental impact while improving efficiencies. 

An industry trial earlier has shown the benefits to the environment and the economy on the use of LSTs, and with the ability to carry more goods per journey than traditional trailers, they present a cost-efficient, environmentally prudent alternative to current transportation options – it is good news that the government has taken heed of the findings.”

He added: “If our industry can move the same amount of goods with fewer journeys, the environment, the economy and other road users will benefit – Logistics UK is supporting the switch to LSTs wholeheartedly and is grateful for the opportunity to consult on these vital vehicles.”

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