Europa Road launches frictionless Brexit product

Europa Road has launched a Europa Flow, frictionless Brexit product to preserve transit times and the flow of goods between Europe and the UK after the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December.

The transport and logistics company has spent the year developing an effective customs process designed to minimise transit time delays.

Europa Flow is designed to “circumvent issues” relating to the need to contact importers prior to delivery, to agree terms, and collect VAT and duty prior to delivery.

The company achieves this by acting as an EU Global VAT representative for its customers, zero rating EU import VAT and billing duty and fees back to the UK party.

Dionne Redpath, the sales director who is spearheading the implementation of the new product, said: “There are lots of ways to deal with export and import from January 1st but, we’ve looked at every scenario, and we believe that this is the best way to preserve the flow of goods and achieve the same transit times we offer today. ”

Andrew Baxter, Europa’s MD, said: “The Brexit transition period is quickly coming to an end. Soon all goods travelling between the UK and the EU will need to go through a customs process.

“By using this product our customers will be in the strongest position, we have devised a solution to keep goods moving without friction.”

He added: “Whilst we can’t prevent physical customs checks we can remove every other barrier that delays goods.”

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