Logistics UK responds to border disruptions

Trade association Logistics UK has commented on reports of disruption to trade between Northern Ireland (NI) and Great Britain (GB), as the UK deals with Brexit difficulties.

The group acknowledged that “confusion is inevitable” with such a short period of time between the announcement of a new trade deal and the end of the transition period.

However, it also urged the government to do more to clear the air for those who still do not have a complete understanding of the new border requirements for moving goods in and out of Northern Ireland.

A statement by Logistics UK read: “Logistics is adaptable and resilient and wants to do the best for its customers. However, the logistics sector cannot prepare alone: traders, transport companies, government agencies – both here and in the EU – all need to make sure that their processes and understanding is sufficient.

“But it is now vital that government steps up communication with industry to ensure that loads can be dispatched with the correct paperwork and declarations.”

The body has claimed that it has written to both Michael Gove and Lord Agnew asking for three key assurances from the logistics sector.

These included the demands for clearer communication regarding administration requirements, simplifications and mitigations for all goods being transported from NI to GB, and the recommencing of the NI protocol working groups.

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