Logistics UK slams outgoing DVSA boss

The outgoing head of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has been criticised by Logistics UK for suggesting the Traffic Commissioner service is “anachronistics”, while appearing before the Commons Transport Select Committee yesterday (25 November).

Gareth Llewellyn spoke with the committee as part of its investigation into the agency and inferred the haulage industry does not need the support of the Traffic Commissioner service going forward, to the ire of logistics trade associations.

David Wells, CEO of Logistics UK, said: “To say the Traffic Commissioner service is ‘anachronistic’ and the haulage industry does not need its support totally ignores the huge benefits in safety and compliance which the service provides to the sector.

“During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Traffic Commissioners supported industry to keep goods and services flowing to keep the country running, unlike DVSA, which closed down all its services and only reacted to the urgent needs of operators when pushed by industry.”

He added: “The Traffic Commissioners kept their doors open to assist the work of our members throughout 2020 – a modern and forward-thinking approach, and not one rooted in the 20th century, as Mr Llewellyn claimed.”

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