Logistics UK urges government to scrap Congestion Charge expansion

Logistics UK, the trade association representing the Logistics sector, is urging the government to scrap the proposed Congestion Charge extension in London.

In a letter to the Secretary of Transport Grant Schnapps, the business group outlined the detrimental impact such an extension would have to its sector.

The group’s requests follow criticism of a leaked proposal to expand London’s Congestion Charge to the city’s outer boroughs.

David Wells, the group’s chief executive said, said: “Logistics UK is urging government to refrain from including an expansion of the London Congestion Charge as a condition of Transport for London’s financial bailout package; logistics businesses continue to struggle financially and operationally as a result of the Covid-19 crisis and this additional burden would be a significant blow to the recovering logistics sector. 

“With little alternative to using lorries and vans to keep the capital’s businesses, schools, shops and homes stocked with the goods and services they need, these changes amount to a tax on deliveries and would therefore have little effect on commercial vehicle movements.”

He added: “Instead, it would simply increase operating costs for those charged with delivering to meet the capital’s needs, including supporting the vulnerable and those self-isolating with home deliveries, during this difficult time.”


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