Tesco withdraws one billion pieces of plastic from supply chain

Tesco has announced it has removed one billion pieces of plastic from its UK supply chain over the past year.

Working with suppliers, the supermarket chain got rid of plastic wraps, secondary lids and small plastic bags.

The move is part of Tesco’s commitment to tackle plastics through its ‘4R’ packaging strategy: “to remove it where it can, reduce where it can’t, reuse more and recycle what’s left”.

Sarah Bradbury, quality control director at Tesco, said: “Our own-label and branded suppliers have had a lot to contend with in 2020 so removing a billion pieces of plastic is fantastic progress.

“Our work to Remove, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle will continue into 2021 – there is no place for unnecessary or non-recyclable packaging in our business.”

Paula Chin, sustainable materials specialist at WWF, said: “Plastic pollution continues to be one of the most visible symptoms of the environmental crisis we are currently facing.

“Businesses, governments and households have all got an important part to play, so it’s encouraging to see Tesco delivering against their commitments to significantly reduce the amount of plastic we use.”

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