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Port of Tyne invests £1m in cargo handling

The Port of Tyne, a major deep-sea port, has announced a £1m investment into its wood pellet-handling operations.

New equipment will be installed and measures introduced to combat dust emissions from the dry wood pellets it handles.

This investment enables the port to continue to act as a key player in the growth of offshore renewable energy industries in the North East of England.

Matt Beeton, chief executive at the Port of Tyne, said: “These measures ensure that we are doing everything we possibly can to decrease dust emissions to the lowest level possible.

“We were aware the situation needed improvement and this investment in the very latest innovation and state-of-the-art equipment underlines our determination not just to meet standards, but to go over and above them, with best practice in every area of the business.”

“Noticeable improvements” on the port include; dust bosses to prevent dust particles dispersing, pyramid covers that enclose cargo grabs, skirting on hoppers which increase airflow, and a micro-fogging system to ensure ventilation.

While the port became the base for the world’s largest offshore wind farm in May, and hopes to be the first in the UK to introduce a hi-tech water spraying system in 2021, it also recognised the difficulties produced by the global pandemic.

Beeton added: “It’s been a tough time, but we must keep looking forward, driving forward and being the best we can. This investment is about doing just that.”

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