Van theft is costing businesses money, says Logistics UK

Logistics UK has released a report on van crime in Britain following research that showed one third of businesses have had a van stolen in the last 12 months. 

The trade group collated data from police forces across the UK and sought real-life examples and insights from van users through a security survey. The report also showed in the first six months of 2020 the number of recorded incidents of theft from vans/light commercial vehicles stood at 11,729. 

Denise Beedell, policy manager for vans and urban at Logistics UK, said that on average,  van content theft cost businesses “£4,250 in the last 12 months.” She also stated that in addition to initial cost implications, logistics businesses also face “increased operational costs” and potential “staff and customer retention difficulties” as a result of these thefts. 

Beedell said: “Currently, it is up to individual police forces to decide how to record commercial van crime, resulting in an incomplete picture of the extent of this type of crime.

“To better highlight the impact of these crimes on van operating businesses, to policy makers at all level of government, Logistics UK is calling for a UK-wide standard reporting mechanism among all police force areas.”

She added: “Logistics UK is also calling for the Home Office to allocate a national crime reporting code to allow better understanding of the scale and reach of this crime and to support better allocation of police resources. 

“It must be recognised that this type of crime is not victimless and its impacts are felt keenly by operators and their employees. We will also be looking to work with manufacturers of vehicle and security equipment to explore what features can be developed for commercial vans to minimise van related crimes.”

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