XPO Logistics deploy Covid-19 friendly scanners

XPO Logistics has deployed 370 barcode scanners with machine vision to its warehouses in the UK, Spain, France and the Netherlands.

The company said the “fixed-mount, computerised scanners” will reportedly increase the reading of inventory data, while replacing shared, handheld scanners that have become less hygienic, switching to a more Covid-19 alert form of operation.

XPO said they selected the Cognex Series 370 technology following pilot programs for retail customers, such as H & M, with additional trials due to follow.

The scanners will be installed in high-volume e-commerce warehouses to help workers manage the holiday peak season and rise in order fulfilment.

Richard Cawston, managing director, supply chain – Europe, XPO Logistics, said: “We’re constantly exploring new technologies that can enhance the efficiency and safety of our logistics network.

“Each time we replace a handheld scanner with a fixed-mount camera, we increase throughput by over 10% on average, and the task transfers from person to person touch-free.”

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