XPO Logistics set to recruit 25,000 jobs for Q4

XPO Logistics has announced it will be recruiting over 25,000 jobs in the fourth quarter to help manage the company’s expected high demand during the peak season ahead.

The firm will also be expanding its logistics and freight capacity by approximately 200 million square feet of warehouse space globally.

The logistics company added it has invested in supporting its e-commerce, retail and manufacturing customers during peak seasonality.

The firm said it will also be expanding the use of intelligent automation to “enhance the speed, accuracy and safety of order fulfillment and reverse logistics processes’, including the deployment of “collaborative robots” to work side-by-side with employees.

Prior to the holiday season, XPO said it has already managed a “significant increase in e-commerce orders” triggered by Covid-19, attributable to the consumer shift to online buying from their homes.

XPO’s customers and employees are being “fully supported” during this critical period by the company’s “significant investments in advanced automation”, robotics and machine learning.

Employees at the company’s ‘high-volume logistics sites” have begun working with “mobile robots” to guide them to the correct storage area, “validate the inventory picked”, and transport the items to designated packing stations.

XPO reportedly found that productivity doubled through this process.

Troy Cooper, president of XPO Logistics, said: “One of the most important benefits we bring to supply chains is reliable access to consistent outcomes.

“This holiday season, e-commerce volumes have ramped up earlier than usual as people spend more time at home. Our technology will help our customers manage through new patterns in demand.”

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